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Activities along with a daily cruise


Live with us the unique experience of fishing from the boat with the most advanced techniques for all kinds of  fish. We provide equipment, our knowledge and experience for each type Fishing from Boat, as Vertical, Zoga and Jigging. Video tape your experience to share with your friends with a go pro camera that we offer you. The location and time will be arranged depending on the weather and season, by contacting the office,also about the equipment, the kind of fishing, the number of people.



Spearfish in magnificent and full of life diving destinations, with experienced fish hunters,who respect the underwater environment and make right management of fishes on each place. The passion and our love for the deep will take you safely to the underwater world with the most specialized equipment. We provide video tape with a go pro action camera. The location and time will be arranged depending on the weather and season, by contacting us. Also we need to know about the equipment, the wet suit size, fins size,the age, skills,experience.



Free dive with safety, with the best equipment and with people with knowledge and experience. Explore Cyclades underwater and discover the beauties and the hidden surprises .Come with us to become one with the big blue and feel the relaxation and the calmness through a journey that lasts as long as one breath… Video tape the unique experience with a go pro camera that we provide you. Require information for wet suit / fins size, the persons number, skills, experience, age, physical condition.



Explore Cyclades underwater through many diving destinations and discover the surprises and mysteries. Clear water with clarity and very good visibility in breathtaking color combinations. Caves, fissures, old and new shipwrecks , to a great diversity of fish and other sea organisms are the features of Cyclades underwater world .Our experience and well-maintained equipment, guarantee your safety and pleasure to the maximum.



Information Required for wet suit / fins size, skills, experience.



Make with your friends or with your family a private beach barbecue on a beach further away. Away from the city noise, where only by boat you can reach and enjoy unique moments with your favorite music as well as rich flavors day & night with the best benefits for all tastes.



If you want to find the most peaceful and quiet beaches in conjunction with beautiful and crystal clear bottoms, unique for snorkeling… Come with us to take you there…



Come with us to the best for cliff jumping spots, in deep & crystal clear waters.



A beautiful & relaxing sunset and romantic night cruise, is what you need, along with your favorite drinks & cocktails. Join us on our luxury & comfortable rib motor boats with the best music for good times.



Secure and fast transport thanks to experienced staff, our new seaworthy and comfortable boats even in adverse weather conditions, at all times. We transfer you quickly, safely and comfortably to all the islands of the Aegean sea. From Paros to all destinations and from all the ports to Paros. We also provide the opportunity to pick you up from the port you are and take you to whatever port you want to go…



Move with luxury, quickly and safely to and from any destination by helicopter of your choice.