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The Story

About Paros

One of the most popular destinations of the Cyclades islands Greece.

Paros island

Paros island is situated west to the island of Naxos, almost in the centre of Cyclades and it has about 10000 inhabitants and 120km coastline. The island of Paros is known for its white marbles that have been excavated since the ancient times. Paros is also known for the perfect weather conditions it offers to windsurfers.


Parikia is the capital and main port of the island. Located on the western side, it has small white houses, narrow streets and picturesque windmills. In the evenings, Parikia has a vivid nightlife with clubs and bars that stay open till the early hours.


The second most important village of Paros island is Naoussa, a lovely place on the northern side. Famous for its beautiful fishing port, the traditional architecture and the cosmopolitan nightlife, Naoussa is close to some of the most beautiful beaches on Paros, including Kolimbithres, Santa Maria and Monastiri.

Amazing Beaches

Another popular spot of Paros island is the south eastern side, with amazing beaches, relaxing resorts and delicious fish taverns. Piso Livadi, Drios and Golden Beach are the most famous resorts. Paros island also has many quiet coves and relaxing villages.

Beaches of Paros

Paros has numerous beaches including Chrissí Aktí (Golden Beach, Greece – famous for its windsurfing conditions) near Drios on the east coast, at Pounda, Logaras, Piso Livadi, Naousa Bay, Parikia and Agia Irini. The constant strong wind in the strait between Paros and Naxos makes it a favored windsurfing location.